What you will get out of the masterclass: 
  • Identify and triage bullying, harassment, inappropriate workplace conduct and sexual harassment risks 
  • Manage difficult employee behaviour and misconduct effectively to mitigate your legal risks 
  • Ensure compliance with WHS legislation and the Fair Work Act  
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your legal risks and obligations in managing the post-COVID-19 recovery environment   
  • Reduce post-termination risks, adverse action risks and unfair dismissal claims by adopting the right HR processes and practices.  
  • Understand the legal implications of using technology for employee surveillance and data collection  
  • Minimise performance process risks to avoid financial and reputational consequences  
  • Know your legal obligations and additional risks in managing a remote workforce  
  • Prevent, manage and safeguard against psychological and mental health risks for a safer work environment  
  • Identify, manage and respond effectively to adverse actions and general protection claims 
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